A note from admin

Hi. Just a quick note from admin.

The Wine Bloggers Unite blog is devoted to the Wine Blogger seminar to be held tomorrow at TexSom. We are asking participants/contributors to please post about themselves (as a networking tool) and the seminar itself.

We hope that the blog will serve as a tool to help illustrate wine blogging and its many applications: in this case, a community blog where seminar participants can network and exchange ideas. It will also serve as reference document of the seminar itself and we will be using it during the talk to provide examples of how wine blogging works.

A few other items:

Please remember: you will not appear in the contributor roll until you post. Please post! We’ve asked everyone to contribute a “hi my name is” post.

One contributor was asking how to find the blog’s RSS feed.

Here it is:


You should be able to find the RSS feed of any blog by using:


We will be addressing the nature of RSS and why it’s so important in tomorrow’s seminar.

Thanks for reading and posting!



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