TexSom 2011 – Slideshow


A smattering of images from the epic weekend. Craig Collins, MS, reported, as Rajat Parr was leaving to catch a jet to another fabulous place, he told him that “TexSom 2011 was the best wine conference” he’d ever been to. Great work guys!

Slideshow here: TexSom Slideshow


Berlusca Bunga approves!

And now a word from Italy…

“Wine Bloggers Unite and Texsom, I AM HERE.”  [ undisclosed location]

“And I approved this message and these blogs and conferences. Good work, ragazzi” – Silvio Berlusconi

My name is Alfonso Cevola, pleased to meet you…

Hello, my name is Alfonso Cevola and I am author/editor of several blogs.

My primary blog is On the Wine Trail in Italy

I’ve worked in the wine business since 1981 and I’ve been blogging about wine since 2005, microblogging (Twitter) since 2009. You can find me there as @italianwineguy

My other claim to fame is that I am a social media matchmaker – I introduced Jeremy Parzen (whom I met via this post of  mutual friend and fellow blogger, Eric Asimov of the NY Times) to his future wife, Tracie Branch, through their blogs. It was on Facebook that I initially (and innocently) suggested they “friend” each other. Well, they took “friending” to a whole ‘nother level. They got hitched! The whole story here.  And now they are going to have a baby, thankfully a girl (or else they would have had to name the poor little guy, Alfonso Parzen). I am one proud Shadchen!

I am also originally from California, and Italian wine is my main interest and focus in both the blogosphere and in my day job as an import wine (and social media) director for Glazer’s. I started a blog there about three years ago, called The Blend. Guy Stout MS, also contributes his Stout Report to the blog.

Welcome to Texsom and our blog workshop at Texsom’s Sold Out  Social Media Boot Camp – Blogging: Unfiltered and Unoaked