FREE Story Pitch on Wine Blogging

We have Alfonso & Jeremy to thank for speaking this afternoon about the passion for wine blogging.  Their presentation empowered me to continue writing A to Zinfandel even though no one may be listening.  It is a journal of my life, my wine experiences, my wine journey, my passion!  My blog is my CV.  This is not the first time I have heard this.  When Gary VEE was here in Big DEE, he said that resumes should no longer exist.  Everything you are and can be should be online.  What a paradigm shift!

Please find me on FB:, and  Whew!  That is alot of FB pages.  Thanks for all the new followers on Twitter (@AtoZinfandel).  See you in cyberspace and over the next 2 days @TexSom.


The Thrill of TEXSOM and All Things Wine

Hi everyone!  My name is Kay Zink and a new wine blogger. I am studying for my CSW and thrilled to be attending & volunteering my time at TEXSOM.  My blog is A to Zinfandel.  It is mostly about my trials, tribulations, self-renewal, and journey through the intricate details of the wine world.  I run a business, A to Zinfandel Social Media, site being retrofitted at this time (isn’t that always!).  I am the social media strategist and work with the wine, food, and tourism industries.

I also work with a culinary tour operator promoting their tours…one of which we are very excited about:  The Extraordinary Women of Spain:  Winemakers and Chefs.  More details to come as the itinerary unfolds.

See y’all this weekend!